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• 11/27/2017

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• 1/3/2017

Working on a new layout

I'm currently working on a new layout (we've been having this green one for years now). You can check the progress over at Please let me know if you have any ideas or opinions. Thank you.
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• 1/3/2017

Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII Discussion

Game's been out for a while now. Who has played it? Or is anyone still playing it? Me liked it loads. Still playing it!
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• 1/3/2017

Dynasty Warriors 9 Discussion

Dynasty Warriors 9 has been announced.
Who do you think will be the new characters? And who do you want?
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• 10/22/2016

Translating Sanguo zhi pinghua in English

I'm currently getting help with a translation for Sanguo zhi pinghua! I don't think this has ever been done before...
A partial translation of page 1 is already up:
I don't know if this'll ever complete... but maybe it inspires others to help or continue. Stay tuned!
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• 5/27/2016

Standardizing translations

I just been reading this on kma:
what caught me eye was the poster says "My general criticism of other translation projects and translation compilations is (1) the compilation of translations from multiple translators leads to a lack of consistency and forces readers to adjust to new conventions every time they switch between entries, ..."
that is a fair point, wouldn't ya agree? I think we should do somethin like that here, y'know, standardize certain translations. List them somewhere. Wadda ya think?
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• 5/8/2016

Depicted people in Sanguo zhi pinghua images

I'd like to know which of all the Sanguo people are depicted in the 69 pages of the Sanguo zhi pinghua. Loads of them will probably feature the usual set of people (Liu Bei, Zhang Fei, Guan Yu, Cao Cao), but maybe here and there we will find some images of people who aren't depicted very often (already got a pic of Yellow Turban leader Zhang Liang for example). Anyone wanna help?
The images are all stored here:
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• 4/30/2016

Women during Han and Three Kingdoms

So, gotta say some women did some pretty nice things back in the day. While other women may not have done impressive stuff, but were still interesting people. Do any of you have any favorites among the ladies of these times?
ps: noticed we got a List of women of the Three Kingdoms. Still stubbed tho :( Let's update it shall we?
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• 4/30/2016

Let's make a list of cited texts in History of the Later Han?

The List of cited texts in Records of the Three Kingdoms is still one of my fav on this site. Think we should do more o that. Don't the History of the Later Han got a versions with citations?
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• 8/23/2014
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• 5/28/2014

Emperor - ROTK 12

Hello :)
I want to ask, how to become an emperor at ROTK XII . I have reached more 5000 fame & I have the imperial seal too, still I can't become an emperor ... tq for the information :)
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• 3/22/2014

categorizing images

Right now I categorize them all like this:
abbreviation of the title, and then the dynasty during which it was released.
Would it not be better to make a folder per dynasty and then another folder for the book from which the images were taken?
---> Tang Dynasty Illustrations ----> Yan Liben paintings
---> Yuan Dynasty Illustrations ----> Sanfen shilüe illustrations

----> Sanguo zhi pinghua illustrations
----> Hua Guan Suo zhuan illustrations

---> Ming Dynasty Illustrations ----> Sanguo zhi tongsu yanyi illustrations

----> Ye Fengchun Sanguo yanyi illustrations

---> Qing Dynasty Illustrations ----> Zengxiang quantu Sanguo yanyi illustrations

----> "that other Qing SGYY" illustrations

And what to do with foreign art? Like Yoshitoshi's stuff. It was released at the time of Qing, but not in China.
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• 4/30/2016

Titles of chapters in the History of the Later Han, according to De Crespigny

I'm trying to collect the names Rafe de Crespigny gives to the chapters in History of the Later Han. Of course not the simple titles such as "Biography of person X" but more specifically the chapters 76 to 90.
So far I found:
10B: Chapter on imperial women.

42: Chapter on the Fiefs of the Sons of Emperor Guangwu

67: Chapter on the Proscribed Faction (Chapter on Proscribed Party [GotS])

76: Chapter on the Lenient Officials (Chapter on Benevolent Officials [GotS])77: Chapter on the Stern Officials78: Chapter on the Eunuchs79: Chapter on the Confucian Scholars
80: Chapter on Literary Men81: Chapter on the Men of Unusual Conduct82: Chapter on Diviners and Magicians [GotS]
85: Chapter on the Eastern Barbarians86: Chapter on the Southern and Southwestern Barbarians
88: Chapter on the Western Regions 89: Account of the Southern Xiongnu
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• 2/9/2014

Keeping track of updates on the site

In here I'll list all changes, major and minor, to the site.
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• 2/5/2014

Sino-Platonic Papers

Have you guys visited The Sino-Platonic Papers website? Every book/paper there is free. You may be interest in some of the following works, especially spp131/173/234.
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• 2/2/2014

Romance of the Three Kingdoms novel chat

Romance of the Three Kingdoms
Good work so far mate! I just added another page for ya... damn that took longer than I thought! Let's hope it'll attract ppl once ur finished. But with this online at the site we won't have to link externally anymore.
U sure bout the Simplified Chinese titles though? Ctext has different titles, though trad Chin.
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• 4/30/2016

Your favourite RTK portraits?

From any of the RTK's, do you have favourite portrait(s)?
Mine:Cao CaoCao Cao from RTKXII
Yuan ShuYuan Shu from RTKXII
They're both very fitting, especially Shu.
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• 2/11/2014

Old articles

EDIT: Let's make this the official "check up on old articles"-thread!
Many old stuff on this site ain't very good (no offense). Appears most of em were done by User:Knightrez back in the day. Errm, his stuff was always error-filled (or fiction-filled). Perhaps we should delete ALL his work? :D
Orrr... just replace the old infobox with the new one and delete (which looks lot better and less messy) his text and make his stuff stubs?
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• 1/31/2014

Three Kingdoms on Wikipedia

Whatcha all think about it? They got some interesting bits there. Much better than sum years ago.
Some articles that I noticed and liked:
Long time ago Wikipedia was terrible, but it's a lot better now. A rival for and better than this site imo.
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• 5/27/2016

Three Kingdoms 2010 TV Series Discussion

Who else is watching this/has watched this? It's superb! Just finished this. Casting was soooo well done. Cao Cao, Zhou Yu, Sima Yi and Diaochan were my favs. Sun Quan nice too.
Red Cliff in this was better than in the movie by John Woo lolz.
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